My favorite things to do in Boothbay Harbor in the Winter

In July and August, Boothbay Harbor, Maine is a bustling place. Actually, the town is full of energy and activity threw most of the Spring, Summer and fall months. But what happens in the winter? People often as us if the Flagship Inn shuts down in the winter months. We never close, and we are always looking for new things for our guest to do.

Below is a list of my favorite winter activities, that you might just want to check out!

1. Boothbay Botanical Gardens on Barter's Island Road. There is no charge to visit the Gardens in the month of February, I can go as often as I like. This winter there has been very little snow, and the trails are all easily accessible. There are miles and miles of marked trails and gardens to explore. There are wonderful sculptures and structures throughout.

2. Boothbay Ice rink, beside the Boothbay Fire station. There is a wonderfully maintained ice skating rink for everyone to enjoy free of charge. Forgot your skates? They usually have an extra pair or two kicking around!

3. Down town Boothbay Harbor: The winter is quiet downtown, but several shops and restaurants are still open, and there is no lines, no waiting. Explore the small shops, and then take a walk over the footbridge to the other side of the Harbor to the Fisherman's Memorial. What a beautiful view.

4. Boothbay Opera House, Boothbay Harbor: The Opera house is located in a fully restored beautifully maintained building downtown. They offer a variety of entertainment all winter long to keep things interesting. This Month, there will be a Bass and Baritone Repertoire from John Adams & Sean Fleming, and a little Irish music from Declan O'Rourke.

5. The YMCA in Boothbay: This is a great facility with 2 pools, raquet ball courts, basketball, tennis, track, sauna, etc. You can purchase a day pass for $15.00. It's a fun relaxing way to spend a snowy afternoon.